English courses for overseas students

Beit Berl Academic College welcomes students from overseas who are interested in combining challenging academic studies with social encounters with Jewish and Arab Israeli youngsters, surrounded by pastoral environment.

Beit Berl College offers a wide selection of courses in the English language, offered regularly by our English Department. The comprehensive list of courses.


In addition to the above regular English courses, Beit Berl College is continually expanding its offering of special courses in English, designed primarily for overseas students, and that can be recognized as part of the graduate studies in their countries. Among these courses are: environmental issues in Israel, Holocaust studies, women and politics in Israel, women in the Arab society, Israeli cinema.

פתח הכול | סגור הכול

Introduction to Current Environmental Issues in Israel

Holocaust Studies and Israeli Society

Collective Memory – Its Meaning and Power

Women and Politics in Israel

Perspectives on Arab Women in Israel

The Crusaders in the Middle East

Between "us" and "me" – Israeli Cinema between Nation Building and Popular Art

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