Incoming Foreign Student Exchange Program

Beit Berl College conducts a bilateral foreign student exchange program providing individualized or group studies in parallel to the students' university courses in their own countries, and the opportunity to share knowledge and forge ties with students from other parts of the world.
Studies are conducted in English (unless otherwise specified).


This program is based on agreements currently between Beit Berl College and Ludwigsburg, Weisbaden, Lisum, Potsdam and Usti nad Labem. The Program offers a 14-week (1 semester) study program in Israel, to overseas students in their fields of interest. 

Who is eligible?  

Students from their second year onwards, with a fully comprehensive knowledge of spoken and written English.

The Program 

Applicants may choose courses in subjects from the English Department

We are in the process of updating our program to include additional courses in English from other departments.

Courses may also be tailored to suit individual requirements.

Hebrew/Arabic speaking students may choose courses in the relevant departments.

Courses of basic Hebrew and/or Arabic may be offered upon request and availability.


Students accepted to the program will be assigned to the appropriate department according to their curriculum and will study according to the hours/courses allotted. Practical lessons may be offered along with lectures and cultural aspects about Israel (including occasional tours of the country).


Although tuition is free at Beit Berl College (as part of the bilateral foreign student exchange program), accommodation, insurance and daily cost of living expenses will be paid for by the student attending the program.


Upon acceptance to the program, the student will receive relevant information (by email) from the External Relations department, to assist in the preparation for their stay in Israel. 

Application Procedures  

Applicants must complete the application form and provide the following supporting materials:

1.  List of requested course studies in English (Learning Agreement)

2.  Transcript of Records

3.  A letter of recommendation in English from the applicant's Head of Department and/or   Dean of Students in his/her university.

4. Four (4) recent passport photographs


Upon completion of the application form, please send it by email or post to our address and include the requested information above:


Beit Berl College
Attn: Dr. Yaakov Teppler
Dean of Students Office
Bilateral Foreign Student Exchange Program
Beit Berl 4490500

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