Academic Degrees

Bachelor Degree Programs 

      Bachelor degree studies combined with teacher certification (B.Ed.F.A. and B.Ed.) provide students with the opportunity to specialize in kindergarten, elementary school, secondary school, special education, informal education, and youth development. At the same time, students can choose from a wide range of disciplines that are taught in the education system, including: social studies and civics; Land of Israel studies; environmental and agriculture studies; mathematics; computer science; natural sciences; history; literature; geography; Bible studies; Israeli culture; Hebrew language for the Jewish and Arab sectors; Arabic language and literature for the Jewish and Arab sectors; and film studies. In art, we offer the option of focusing on painting, sketching, sculpture, photography, video art, or digital art.
All of the academic programs combine studies in the particular area of instruction, education, pedagogy, and didactics with a practicum in the educational system. The practicum is performed at institutions that are the college’s partners in the professional development schools (P.D.S.) model in order to enhance our students' training and turn them into skilled professionals.

In addition, the college offers an honors program which is a teacher preparation program for outstanding students who see themselves as part of the educational leadership that is capable of bringing real change to the Israeli educational system. The program enables highly qualified students to enjoy a distinctive learning experience that prepares them to serve as the vanguard of initiative and renewal in the educational system. The curriculum combines distinctive courses from three schools: the School of Education; the School of Art – Hamidrasha; and the Academic Institute for Arab Teacher Training. 

Master’s Degree Studies 

The college offers M.Ed. programs in the following areas:

  • Educational Counseling
  • Evaluation and Curriculum Development
  • Art Education
  •  Learning Disabilities – Evaluation and Educational Intervention
  • Managing and Organizing Education Systems. 

Certificate Studies 

  • Teaching for those holding an academic degree (credential program)
  • School Principals
  • Film 
  • Art Therapies (art therapy, drama therapy, bibliotherapy)
  • Art Instructors
  • Hebrew-English/English-Hebrew Translation
  • Hebrew/English Editing
  • Computer Game Design and Development
  • Information Management
  • Information and Library Studies
  • Archiving
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  • Facilitating Groups in a Multicultural Society.
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