ISERC Activities

  • Researchers’ Forum - A framework for researchers, from all disciplines and academic institutions, who are interested to present  their research findings, completed or in process, and receive feedback from their peers.
  • Social Enterprise Database - In order to further ISERC’s objectives we are building the first database of social enterprises in Israel.  The database will be accessible on the internet and will serve as a source of information on the social enterprises in the country. It will list their activities, target populations, location, contact information, etc. It will enable the identification of this category of organizations as a unique type of organizations possessing specific characteristics. It will also enable communication amongst them and between them and the public.
  • Annual Fall International Research Conference - The conference will feature leading international researchers on the topic along with Israeli researchers, to discuss new developments in the study of social enterprise. The first Conference will be held on the 28th of November, 2011. 
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