About the Center

The Israeli Social Enterprise Research Center (ISERC) was established on 2010 in order to develop the knowledge and the research in the social entrepreneurship field in Israel and worldwide.

The center focuses on research of social enterprise - organizations with social purpose(s) that are using business methods and the market dynamics in order to achieve those. Such organizations that integrate social and business orientations in their activities are only one form of a growing phenomenon in Israel and in other countries of interfaces between business and society with major implications on society and the business world alike.

In its first phase ISERC will focus its research activity on social businesses and social cooperatives in Israel and in international comparison.

ISERC Goals 

  • To develop multi- and inter-disciplinary knowledge about social enterprise
  •  To encourage others to engage in research on that phenomenon
  • To serve as a resource for knowledge on social enterprise for researchers as well as for investors, entrepreneurs and managers
  • To assist in the process of policy-formulation in this domain.

ISERC is guided by a Steering Committee which includes stake-holders of the social enterprise phenomenon and is advised by an international Advisory Board which includes major researchers in the field.

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