Israeli Social Enterprise Research Center - ISERC

"Within Social Enterprises concealed great options to deepen the struggle in poverty and to enhance it" (Muhammad Yunus, the initiator of the social enterprises idea).

A restaurant that employs youth at risk that are out of school; women that build a business weaving carpets and selling their products; a cooperative that focuses in reducing costs of energy.These are only some examples for social enterprises that exist today in Israel and worldwide.

Welcome to the website of the Israeli Social Enterprise Research Center (ISERC) at the Beit Berl Academic College.

The Center focuses its activities on Social Enterprises - organizations that have social (or environmental) objectives and use business methods and strategies and the market dynamics to achieve those.

Such organizations, which are almost always an outcome of social entrepreneurship, are developing lately as frameworks to provide employment opportunities for hard-to-employ populations (such as youth in distress, ex-convicts, persons with mental illness or disabilities, etc.), as a way to protect the environment (cooperatives for organic food or for production of renewable energies) as well as other activities in the domains of education, culture and tourism.


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