Centers and Institutes

The Center for Curriculum Planning, Instruction and Evaluation 

The center deals with professional development and the advancement of knowledge, qualifications, and skills in curriculum planning, instruction, and evaluation in the educational system and within the college. The center includes:

  • The Institute for Entrepreneurship in Education –responds to the complex demands involved in developing partnerships between three organizational cultures – the educational system, the third sector (nonprofits), and the business sector.
  • The School for Continuing Education for Teachers – offers a variety of options for the professional development of teachers and professionals at educational institutions in accordance with the needs in the field.
  • Professional Development Schools (P.D.S.) – a central unit that helps develop partnerships with authorities and educational institutions.
  • The Department of Educational Leadership – advises, accompanies, and assists senior leadership in the educational systems to advance their goals and cultivate professional local leadership in their communities.
  • The Department for Excellence in Education – provides professional development for teachers of children with high abilities and develops innovative programs tailored to the unique needs of gifted pupils.
  • The Department for Educational Strategy Planning – helps local authorities and managers in the Ministry of Education to establish new schools and develop strategic plans for education.
  • The Department for Multicultural Dialogue promotes a humanist, democratic worldview and cultivates the basic values of respect for the other, social solidarity, and humanity.



Center for Educational and Social Research

Beit Berl Center for Educational and Social Research conducts research work in the fields of education and society - the principal spheres of activity at Beit Berl Academic College. The Center's primary objective is to leverage research at the college, and to position it among Israel's top research entities. It performs research-studies and internal evaluative research, as well as research projects for external entities.

Centers for Children’s Literature – the Yemima and the Kamil Kilani Centers 

The Yemima Center for the Research and Teaching of Children’s and Youth Literature is named after the children’s author Yemima Avidar-Tchernovitz. The center was founded in 1985 and has since become a platform for fascinating interaction between researchers and those interested in the culture of the child, with a focus on literature for children and youth.

In 2001, the Kamil Kilani Center for Arabic Children’s Literature was established. It contributes greatly to Arab society through the translation of children's literature to Arabic and the development of Arab teachers in the field of children’s literature.

Center for Math Instruction 

The Center for Math Instruction offers instructional resources, professional support and consultation, and a platform for continuous learning for math education. It serves students at the college and teachers in the field. It specializes in teaching math to children with learning disabilities.

Support Center for Students with Learning Disabilities 

This center helps students with learning disabilities who are studying at the college. Its main goal is to strengthen their academic abilities and assist them throughout their studies. The center espouses an open-door policy and provides a sympathetic ear to the needs of all students, a policy which has proven itself, as demonstrated by the great desire of the students themselves to use their talents to contribute to and be involved in the center’s daily activities.

The Israeli Social Enterprise Research Center (ISERC) 

The Center focuses on research of social enterprise - organizations with social purpose(s) that are using business methods and the market dynamics in order to achieve those. Such organizations that integrate social and business orientations in their activities are only one form of a growing phenomenon in Israel and in other countries of interfaces between business and society with major implications on society and the business world alike.
ISERC website

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