Academic Institute for Arab Teacher Training

The Academic Institute for Arab Teacher Training aspires to endow students with humanist values and tolerance for the culture, identity, and heritage of the other alongside awareness of the distinctiveness of Arab citizens of the State of Israel. The institute’s teacher education program strives to develop commitment and ability to bring about educational and communal changes to promote social justice, democracy, and egalitarianism.


The goal of the program for future educators is to develop their professional knowledge and skills to teach various subjects as well as to instill children with democratic values. The curriculum is composed of subject matter studies, education and pedagogy courses, and field experience – all of which emphasize leadership, creativity, critical thinking, and commitment to social change.


Faculty and Students 

About 150 faculty members, including world-renowned scholars and researchers, teach the institute’s approximately 1,100 students in Arabic.

Academic Programs at the Institute 

  • Undergraduate degree programs (B.Ed.) focus on each stage of education (kindergarten, elementary school, and secondary school) as well as special education. Students who study in these programs can specialize in a wide range of disciplines: Arabic language and literature; Hebrew language and literature; English; natural sciences; mathematics; and computer science.
  • Teaching certification programs for those holding an academic degree.
  • Continuing education for teachers and professional development programs in all fields of education. 

The Institute Emphasizes 

  • The social/community aspect – by encouraging students to become involved in the community, both as part of their studies and as part of their practicum (such as the P.D.S. model).
  •  The practical aspect – learning in hands-on workshops that cover, among other topics, personal empowerment and classroom management skills.
  • The provision of curricula suitable for audiences with different needs and goals.
  •  Coexistence – holding joint activities with the faculty and students of other schools at Beit Berl College. These activities express the worldview that it is vital to live together and implement joint projects in order to create true coexistence.


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