The School of Government and Social Policy

In recent years the School of Government and Social Policy has become a large gathering place in Israel for professionals from the public sector, who come to the campus once a week in order to acquire an education that will advance them towards obtaining an academic degree (the degree is granted by the Open University).


In the modern world, it is impossible to advance professionally or personally without an academic degree. The school aims to make this possible for all, to provide a second opportunity to those who did not pursue an education in the past or who find it difficult to set foot in a university or college today. It is a home for all those interested in pursuing knowledge and education.


The school’s vision is not only to make higher education accessible to all, but also to facilitate social change in Israel. It strives to improve the level of the public sector through education that centers on knowledge and at the same time cultivates values of proper, professional governance and a fair, egalitarian society. The school is proud to pass on values in addition to academic knowledge.


The programs of study in the school are flexible and suitable for working people. Therefore, the curriculum relates to their practical world and contributes to their promotion in their work places.

Faculty and Students 

The approximately 140 faculty members teaching at the school include senior academics and people who hold or held key positions in the public sector.


2,600 students from government ministries, local authorities, and public companies study at the school today.

The School’s Programs 

  • Criminology and Law Enforcement
  • Public Administration and Policy
  • Local Governance
  • The Society and Security Program
  • Social Policy and Leadership
  • Gender
  •  Information and Knowledge Management


    The courses are recognized by the Open University and students can receive credit for them towards a BA degree in social sciences and humanities at the Open University.

    The School’s Certificate Programs 

    •  Information and Library Studies
    • Information Management
    •  Archive Studies
    •  Facilitating Groups in a Multicultural Society


    The study programs enable students to adapt to academic studies gradually. For example, all students participate in a course on study skills in their first year, only after which are more advanced study skills required. This approach has proven itself and led to the success of hundreds of alumni who completed their studies in recent years in the different programs of study the school offers.

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