Over the years, Hamidrasha has established itself as a cultural center. In order to strengthen its position in Israeli culture, it maintains a number of galleries on campus and a gallery in Tel Aviv, among other activities:

The Student Gallery  

Displays students’ exhibits, accompanied by analysis, discussion, and critique by Hamidrasha’s teachers and students. The exhibits allow students to display their final body of work, to experience the process of building and installing an exhibit, and to receive feedback on their work from multiple sources.

Hamidrasha Gallery 

Displays the work of guest artists selected as part of the course in curatorship. The gallery creates a platform for real-time interaction between the contemporary art world and Hamidrasha's students. The gallery’s activities aspire to cultivate contact with the outside world and to further establish Hamidrasha’s significance as a display venue.

The Photography Gallery  

Displays works of contemporary photography with an emphasis on that of recent alumni of fellow art schools. In addition to the exposure to contemporary activity in the medium of photography, the gallery facilitates a debate on Hamidrasha’s perceptions of photography and those of its fellow schools.

Video Art Gallery  

Displays a collection of video art and films by Israeli and international artists and has an extensive video library. The gallery aspires to enable broad and consistent visibility to a medium taking its first steps in Israel.

Hamidrasha’s Gallery in Tel Aviv  

Serves as Hamidrasha’s display window in Tel Aviv and displays contemporary art with an emphasis on Hamidrasha’s alumni. The gallery displays young contemporary art, integrating Hamidrasha’s activities into the network of the main galleries operating in Tel Aviv and thus becoming an inseparable part of the daily fabric of the art world.
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