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Hamidrasha is the leading academic institution in Israel for training artist-teachers. Its activities span the fields of plastic art, video, digital media, and film. Hamidrasha’s distinctiveness stems from its foundation in a long tradition of Israeli art alongside its profound comprehension of the trends and permutations occurring in contemporary art around the globe. It strives to grant students a firm grip on the body of knowledge relevant to art along with establishing and enhancing their means of production. Hamidrasha thus helps students learn art as a language and a way of thinking, while endowing them with a practical and theoretical foundation. Alongside art studies, students prepare themselves to teach art in Israeli schools.


Faculty and Students 

Hamidrasha’s pluralistic faculty includes prominent Israeli artists who represent a wide range of worldviews, which clash at times, creating a productive and vigorous debate. This atmosphere spurs students to develop their critical thinking skills and to formulate their own artistic path. Among the leading artists are Guy Ben Ner, Roee Rosen, Tsibi Geva, Michal Naaman, Ohad Bishof, Uri Nir, and Deganit Berest.


Approximately 150 lecturers teach and 860 students study in Hamidrasha’s programs. Workshops and a wealth of equipment in all of the areas studied are available for independent work and study, which is an integral part of the academic program. In addition, students have access to an extensive art library with a collection of books, journals, databases of digital images, and videotapes.

Programs of Study at the School of Arts - Hamidrasha 

Art studies are conducted in a variety of ways, including hands-on classes; independent work at home or in Hamidrasha’s workshops; analysis and critique of works; lectures; and discussions on art theories. Upon reaching an advanced stage in the program, students exhibit their work, which is discussed and critiqued jointly by Hamidrasha’s teachers and guests. Alongside the practical art studies, students study education and art instruction in all its various aspects, curatorship, pedagogy, and visual culture. Hamidrasha offers a B.Ed. F.A., a joint bachelor’s degree in education and fine arts.

Film Studies and Film Education 

The film department provides future filmmakers with a rich cultural world that serves as a professional and intellectual base for working in film. The department’s integration into Hamidrasha serves as a source of inspiration that enriches the world of film students.


The students in the department write, direct, produce, film, and edit short feature films, documentaries, experimental films, video art, and films that cross the borders of all genres. The faculty of the department consists of senior lecturers and senior filmmakers who are at the center of filmmaking activity in Israel.

The department offers certificate studies in film as well as a joint B.Ed. in film and a teaching certificate in film education.

Master’s Degree in Art Education   


The new M.Ed. program in art education is designed for art teachers and artists who are interested in advancing and developing professionally as both teachers and artists. The program enables educators and teachers to broaden their role beyond the mission of mediating between the general public and the institutional art world to critically examine the visual plain in which we live.

Certificate Studies in Art 

Certificate studies in art prepare the student to be an artist in different fields of visual art: painting and drawing; sculpting; photography; digital media; video art; and curating. During their studies, students acquire comprehensive knowledge of techniques, materials, and work processes, as well as broad theoretical knowledge in understanding art. Studies are designed to develop sensitivity, curiosity, and independent thinking, to endow students with knowledge about changes in the perception of art and the artist, and to remain up to date about social and cultural processes throughout history.

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