The School of Education

The School of Education is steered by the premise that the choice to study education stems from a sense of purpose and mission and a desire to be a leader in society. The school views education as the foundation of the individual’s freedom and opportunities for self-realization, equality of opportunity, and a respectable standard of living.

Quality education and instruction require constant study and development throughout one’s lifetime. Therefore, the School of Education offers programs for those interested in launching a career in education alongside programs for professional development designed for teachers, principals, inspectors, counselors, and special education experts.

Faculty and Students 

About 300 faculty members work at the School of Education, some of whom are teachers themselves or hold other positions in the Israeli educational system. The staff includes researchers who specialize in the fields of education and pedagogy as well as in the teaching of various disciplines. Some 3,800 students are enrolled at the School of Education.

Programs of Study at the School of Education 

  • Undergraduate degree programs (B.Ed.) focusing on each stage of education (kindergarten, elementary school, and secondary school) and special education, as well as two unique programs in informal education and youth development. The programs of study enable students to specialize in a broad range of disciplines: social studies and civics; Land of Israel studies (including a tour guide course approved by the Ministry of Tourism); environmental and agriculture studies; mathematics; computer science; natural sciences; history; literature; geography (including the homeland program, society, and civics); Bible studies; Israeli culture (including the social Judaism program); English, Hebrew language and literature; and Arabic language and literature.
  •  M.Ed. programs in educational counseling, evaluation and curriculum development, learning disabilities – evaluation and educational intervention, and managing and organizing educational systems.
  • Certificate programs that prepare academics to teach all of the subjects taught in schools.
  • Certificate program for school principals.
  • Continuing education for teachers and professional development programs in all fields of education.


The School Emphasizes 

  •  The importance of students' involvement in the community as part of their studies and through community service activities; and students' involvement in independent study and research, joint learning, and hands-on workshops, such as personal empowerment and classroom management skills.
  • The provision of curricula suitable for audiences with different needs and goals.
  •  The continuous professional development of educators from the time they choose education as a profession and throughout their life-long professional career.
  •  The professional development schools (P.D.S.) model, which facilitates partnerships between the college and educational institutions. These collaborations allow the college to make meaningful contributions to schools and communities and allow the students to experience a comprehensive practicum.
  •  Joint activities with the Academic Institute for Arab Teacher Training of Beit Berl that aim to enhance Jewish-Arab coexistence.
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