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Strategic Town-Gown Partnerships Strengthen Israeli Education

Berl Berl College takes on a strategic role – partnering with local authorities to improve Israel’s educational system.

In order to deepen its role as a resource and partner for local governments seeking innovative ways to upgrade their educational systems, Beit Berl College convened a day-long roundtable, “Local Government and Academia―Education as a Shared Challenge.” The College values community outreach and embraces the multicultural society on and around the campus – Jews and Arabs, religious and secular, rural and urban communities, etc. – and is a leader in this field.  At the conference, representatives of 19 local authorities in the vicinity of Beit Berl focused on opportunities to harness the synergy between local authorities and academia.

Beit Berl has already partnered with the Ministry of Education and several local authorities in unique programs aimed at bolstering local schools. In the city of Kfar Yona, B.Ed. and M.Ed. students and Beit Berl pedagogical supervisors work with pupils, teachers, principals and families within the formal and informal education systems from early childhood through high school to improve the quality of teaching and elevate student achievement. A similar program was launched last year in the rapidly growing city of Be’er Ya’akov, where Beit Berl students and faculty advise and mentor local schools and advise the municipal Education Department. 

The conference will be followed up with meetings between various local authorities and representatives of Beit Berl in order to determine concrete steps for the near future. Several towns have already expressed interest in partnering with Beit Berl according to various models. Some have specifically inquired about taking part in a project similar to the Kfar Yona initiative, including Arab towns. There was also a great deal of interest in Beit Berl’s Time Tunnel project, which teaches Arab and Jewish students to document oral histories, focusing on the history of everyday life.

By partnering with Beit Berl, local authorities benefit from the College’s extensive knowledge and research in both formal and informal education. Beit Berl is committed to developing a range of effective paradigms for such partnerships, and replicating suitable models to raise educational outcomes in our region. 

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