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The Ethics Lab: Teaching Ethics with a Twist

Beit Berl professor Dr. Dan Geva is acclaimed worldwide for his innovative pedagogy for teaching ethics.

A three-day crash course on managing ethical crises is being offered for the first time to students from the Faculty of Society and Culture during the upcoming semester break. Over 60 students registered for the Ethics Lab course within two days – three times the maximum capacity! – and now Dr. Dan Geva is facing a “crisis” of his own, since he wishes he could accommodate the large demand. 

The Ethics Lab pedagogy was developed by Dr. Geva over the course of 30 years, and his first course on ethical dilemmas was offered in 2016 to Beit Berl film students. Since then, he has offered the popular semester-long course every year at The Faculty of Arts–Hamidrasha. He has also published a book about his methodology entitled “The Five Guiding Ethical Stars,” and the website receives tens of thousands of hits each month.

“I have been on a world tour for the last two years as an official representative of Beit Berl, and have been promoting the pedagogy out of a sincere sense of mission,” says Dr. Geva. “Our pilot program has turned into an official pedagogy that has been embraced by 180 top universities on five continents. I am constantly invited to conduct workshops, and representatives from all over the world are learning from us.” Most of the funding for the project comes from CILECT―The International Association of Film and Television Schools. 

Although the pedagogy was originally developed for audiovisual media students, Geva soon realized that it can be applied to all fields. “Everyone has ethical dilemmas. The course is a scientific exploration that provides tools for participants to look at their own story from different perspectives and sharpen their view of their moral landscape,” he elaborates, adding that these tools are designed to improve the deliberation of complex moral processes that we are constantly facing.

Dr. Geva’s innovative website offers teachers from around the globe 14 video tutorials about how to teach ethics using his pedagogy. The website’s abundance of educational materials is available free of charge to the world community of audiovisual media schools. It is unusual to share a pedagogy in this manner, but Geva insists that it’s the right ethical choice. In return, he asks course leaders and participants to use the international platform to share their filmed ethical testimonies. Geva’s next challenge is the dissemination of his teaching philosophy and practice throughout the Beit Berl academic community, starting with the proposed new B.A. program “Education and Digital Culture” that he will lead.  

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