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Beit Berl Grad Students Diagnose Disadvantaged Children for Learning Disabilities

Beit Berl M.Ed. students volunteer to assess children whose parents can not afford to have them tested – providing hope to children while gaining important professional expertise.

24 Arab and Jewish M.Ed. students graduating from the M.Ed. program in the Psycho Diagnostic, Assessment and Training Center at Beit Berl, voluntarily diagnosed children with special learning needs in elementary and junior high schools in Rosh Ha'ayin, Umm al-Fahm and Hadera, as well as children of refugees studying at a school in Tel Aviv. The activity is part of a unique program that has students volunteer in assessing children in disadvantaged neighborhoods, who would otherwise never be tested due to the high cost of assessment tests in Israel. 

We look for schools that need our help,” explains Dr. Sarit Gideoni Cohen, Head of Beit Berl College’s Psycho Diagnostic, Assessment and Training Center. “The process is unique in that the students are closely supervised by an expert tester from Beit Berl’s Assessment Center who advises them throughout the process.” The initiative contributes significantly to the students’ training, while providing an invaluable service to dozens of children with learning disabilities, who would most likely not receive proper treatment otherwise. 

The degree program, training center, and practicum -  an additional year of practice training in the field -  include in-depth experience and peer-to-peer workshops that graduate our students confident and determined to succeed in their work with pupils with learning disabilities and attention difficulties. Graduates of the program go on to work in assessment roles in Jewish and Arab schools throughout the country.


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