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New Dean of Faculty of Education Envisions Innovation and Collaboration

Dr. Ilana Paul-Binyamin, new Dean of Beit Berl’s Faculty of Education, envisions training teachers for the schools of the future by using pioneering pedagogic techniques and a focus on innovating and partnering.

As the new Dean of Beit Berl’s largest Faculty, Dr. Paul-Binyamin, a sociologist and educator who previously headed Beit Berl’s Honors Program and Center for the Advancement of Shared Society, faces the task ahead with energy and purpose. In a changing world where the teacher’s main job is no longer to impart knowledge, Dr. Paul-Binyamin believes that, “The Faculty of Education must provide its students with tools that encourage entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity, as well as the formation of partnerships with different sectors of Israeli society. It must do so while leading Israel’s educational system towards democratic and humanistic values.”

The new Dean has already initiated a year-long process to examine and evaluate the Faculty’s study program and teaching techniques. The evaluation process is being carried out by approximately 40 Beit Berl College faculty members, divided into seven separate teams. This comprehensive, collaborative effort will result in decisions about what to retain and what to change. “It won’t be a revolution as much as an evolution,” Dr. Paul-Binyamin promises. The resulting insights will be implemented already next year.

“The whole way of training teachers must change,” the Dean asserts. “For example, I want to integrate informal education with formal education, and encourage students to analyze and synthesize information in order to form their own opinions. We must prepare our students to work in a dynamic, diverse environment. I plan to emphasize interdisciplinary learning, problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity, as well as entrepreneurship, team management and partnerships.” Encouraging collaborations and partnerships is indeed central to Dr. Paul-Binyamin’s vision. She is especially eager to forge new partnerships with the Center for the Advancement of Shared Society, the Martin Buber Beit-Midrash for Dialogue and the Arab Academic Institute of Education.

The Arab Academic Institute of Education, which is part of Beit Berl’s Faculty of Education, is a unique asset that can be an incubator for models of partnership between the Jewish and Arab educational systems, notes Dr. Paul-Binyamin. “One of my priorities is to preserve the Institute’s role as a keeper of Arab culture whose students lead innovative processes in their home communities, while deepening and improving partnerships with Jewish society.”

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