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Beit Berl Hosts a Major International Conference on Migration

45 eminent academics from across Europe addressed the educational, political and cultural aspects of migration at an important international conference at Beit Berl College.

These days, migration is a burning issue around the world, and the conference at Beit Berl provided a unique opportunity to learn how various issues related to the migration and absorption process are being handled in different countries. The conference exemplified Beit Berl’s role as a pioneering force at the forefront of social engagement.

The International Conference on Migration was organized in partnership with Ludwigsburg University of Education in Germany and Pedagogical University of Krakow in Poland, and attracted faculty members from academic institutions across Europe and Israel whose fields of expertise relate to the subject of migration. The conference was also attended by practitioners and volunteers who work with immigrants in various capacities.

Lectures and discussion sessions covered a wide range of pertinent subjects, including “Immigration in the Educational Context,” “Gender and Migration,” “Immigrant Children and Youth,” “Immigration in Art and Film” and “The Politics of Immigration.” Each issue was addressed by a panel of international experts who brought a variety of fascinating perspectives and insights to the table based on their personal involvement as well as academic research. The European participants reported that they benefitted immensely from the opportunity to compare and share with colleagues from other countries.

Conference participants from overseas were also taken to visit Israeli NGOs involved with immigrants and refugees, and to a school with a special program for integrating the children of newly arrived immigrants, as well as to Jerusalem.
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