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Ministry of Education Seeks to Learn from Beit Berl College Expertise

The Ministry of Education’s Strategic Planning Division requested that Beit Berl College organize and host a colloquium for leading policy makers in order to learn from the College’s cutting-edge expertise in the field of education.
Addressing Israel's low ranking on the Global Teacher Status index and low achievements on international testing, Prof. Tamar Ariav, President of Beit Berl College, launched the colloquium with a discussion about elevating the status and effectiveness of teachers in Israel. Presenting the results of a study on high-performing education systems around the world and how they successfully empower educators, Prof. Ariav recommended a series of strategic policy initiatives to recruit high-quality candidates and provide them with high-level academic training, suitable placements and career development opportunities. “Countries with high-performing education systems all instituted effective policies that are systematic, consistent and holistic; and all are committed to professionalizing education as a key profession,” said Ariav.

Presentations by nine other Beit Berl College faculty highlighted innovative approaches to a range of critical subjects, such as the changing role and preparation of school principals, teaching today's children to think critically and creatively, and the importance of early childhood education from birth to kindergarten in upgrading the Jewish and Arab education systems.

Dr. Ilana Milstein and Dr. Orit Bar presented the “Town-Gown” project – a unique and groundbreaking model developed at Beit Berl College that is currently being implemented in the town of Kfar Yona with the support of the Ministry of Education. The flagship partnership between Beit Berl and Kfar Yona’s education department draws on the College’s expertise and wealth of knowledge in order to upgrade the town’s formal and informal education system and improve the population’s scholastic achievements. It is one of Beit Berl’s many pioneering initiatives that led the Ministry of Education to want to learn from the college’s experts.
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