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Art Therapy Department Fuses Innovative Theories with Practice

​The annual seminar “Paper Tolerates Everything” showcased a new technique developed by Beit Berl’s Art Therapy Department: “curating therapy.”

In keeping with the Department’s pioneering approach to the field of art therapy, the seminar connected the worlds of art materials, psychological theories, culture, empathy, art and the language of visual art therapy. It was part of a research process initiated in 2014 by the Art Therapy Department’s research team and students, and included professors, art therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, curators and artists.

The central theme that “paper” can “tolerate” everything – content as well as aggressions, delicate symbols and harsh messages, the desire to protect it and the desire to mould it – was put into action. Using art, action and language, the participants created an installation with pieces they made by folding paper and positioned them throughout the gallery. Throughout the day, participants continued to create paper sculptures, spurred by what they learned in the lectures. An impressive exhibition of these works was later displayed, expressing unspoken experiences that were raised while listening to the lectures and observing the images that were studied. 

Dr. Orifa Honig, Chair of Beit Berl’s Art Therapy Department, views collage as a metaphor for the foundation which is the base for art therapy theory: “Collage represents processes of destruction and reconstruction,” she notes.

The seminar highlighted “curating therapy,” a unique technique developed by Beit Berl’s Art Therapy Department, whereby students curate themselves with the guidance of the department’s senior faculty, who are also therapists and counsellors. The project culminates with a public exhibit displaying their creative process.

Beit Berl College’s Art Therapy Department, part of the Faculty of Art-HaMidrasha, offers Master of Art in Art Therapy degrees along with art therapist certificates. The studies are accompanied by training in small groups at the College, individual training in the field, a unique clinical seminar for the program, and a sculpture workshop supervised by an art therapy lecturer.

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