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New Science Teachers Learn from Israel's Leading Scientists

At Beit Berl College, the Inquiry in Industry program exposes Science and Math Education students to the world of R&D and practical field work, enabling them to transfer the experience to their future pupils.

On May 21, researchers from Israel's MEDX Xelerator and from Adama Agricultural Solutions​ taught side-by-side with Beit Berl College students at Ami Asaf High School. This was the culmination of the Inquiry in Industry project, a pioneering program introducing Master’s (M.Teach) students in Science and Math to industry leaders to learn about their work and pass on this knowledge to their future students. Using the cutting-edge teaching method known as “Project-Based Learning,” the Beit Berl Master’s students experienced different fields of applied science first-hand. 

“We enable our students, the teachers of the future, to experience practical scientific work first-hand by working alongside scientists and engineers, so that they will be able to connect high-school pupils to future workplaces and to arouse their curiosity. This will significantly increase the number of pupils who will choose to study these subjects in the future,” explains Prof. Aviva Klieger, who initiated the collaboration between Beit Berl and the companies and research institutes.  

Beit Berl students shadowed researchers from Adama Agricultural Solutions Ltd., a leading company in plant protection. They observed the process of finding chemical solutions to problems in agriculture, and learned about various issues that are raised during the transformation of an idea to an actual product. They then continued the hands-on research activities with high-school pupils together with the researchers and engineers.

Additional companies have also opened their doors to Beit Berl M.Teach students, including CAPS Medical and Exero Medical from the MEDX Xelerator, which deal with medical solutions; the Triangle Research and Development Center in Kafr Kara; Verint and the Volcani Center. 

“Now that I am more familiar with leading Israeli technology start-ups and industry, and have an understanding of the needs of the researcher in the lab, I can expose my students to the world of research and development,” says one of the participating students. “Interacting with scientists and bringing relevant research questions into the classroom gave us added value. The pupils look at us differently; they see us as being able to contribute something extra, above and beyond the regular course curriculum,” added another.

M.Teach students earn a Master’s in Teaching in Biology, Science or Mathematics, as well as a teaching certificate and license, enabling them to prepare high school pupils for advanced matriculation exams. 

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