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New Simulation Center Facilitates Innovative Teacher Training

Beit Berl College has recently opened an Educational Simulation Center for training educators. The new Center has already hosted approximately 80 workshops in Hebrew and Arabic for undergraduate education students, interns, first-year teachers, experienced educators, position-holders in the educational system and faculty members.

Simulation is a valuable learning tool that connects between theoretical and practical knowledge. The goal is to enable people to practice communication skills in a safe and supportive environment, while confronting conflictual situations and difficult conversations that are as close to real-life as possible. Through these simulations, trainees hone their interpersonal skills and their ability to create caring relations between teachers, students, parents and principals. 

The new center includes two studios where simulations take place and are filmed and screened live in adjacent rooms. Professional actors play various roles (such as students, parents, principals, etc.) in interaction with trainees, following scenarios written in advance to capture critical situations for each audience. Each simulation is followed by a workshop led by a professional instructor, who analyzes the situation using a non-judgmental approach. During the discussion, participants examine values, assumptions and actions while watching video clips taken from the simulation. Participants receive meaningful feedback from the actors and from the group, which contributes to their learning. 

“I would like to thank the staff of the Simulation Center for the excellent and meaningful workshop,” remarked a school principal. “Yesterday, I  saw my teachers using what they learned in two different conversations we held with parents at my school. It was beautiful!”

The Simulation Center is headed by Dr. Orit Almog, together with Dr. Ilana Milstein and Parvane Wadod-Irani – coordinators of development and instruction in Hebrew and Arabic. 

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