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Beit Berl Grad Named Globes 40 Under 40

Meet Reut Wexler, a graduate of the Beit Berl College Informal Education program, was named one of Globes' 40 Under 40 .

For the past three and a half years, Wexler has been building the reserve of public servants in local government as Manager of the Cadet Programs - a joint venture of the Edmond de Rothschild Partnerships, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Interior and Israel Lottery - which aims to improve local government in Israel and reduce gaps by training outstanding young people with leadership skills and the ability to bring about change. "The idea is to take adolescents from all backgrounds with a sense of mission and train them through two intensive years of field work in the authorities, eventually assigning them to strategic entry positions alongside unit managers, mayors, CEO's. To date, 470 graduates have completed the program and been integrated into authorities with the understanding that it is difficult to secure quality human resources in the periphery and  most of the services citizens receive - security, welfare - are through the local authority -- the higher the services, the lesser the gaps."

Reut sees local government as an important and central link in shaping the relationship and trust between the citizen and the state: "Residents' trust in the local authorities is much higher than in the national government." She is also  firm believer in community education: "Informal education is the key to reducing disparities in society - every local authority should enable children to take part in informal education activities."

In addition to her B.Ed. and Teaching Certification from Beit Berl College, Reut holds a M.Sc. in Public Policy from Harvard University. Reut's tip for students: "Beit Berl, and academia in general, offer an  important opportunity for encounters among  all sectors of Israeli society. This is a rare opportunity to familiarize, to learn, to find commonality."

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