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Beit Berl Supports Ukrainian Refugees

From the onset of the Russian invasion in Ukraine, students and graduates of Beit Berl's Martin Buber Center for Dialogue Education in the Hashomer Hatzair, Dror Israel, and Tarbut movements have been volunteering on the ground in Ukraine and
Poland. ​Dozens of our students and graduates are helping with the rescue efforts of families in need of food, shelter, and more.

"We developed a critical network," explains Oren Zuckerkoren, Secretary General of Hashomer Hatzair. "We cross the border with equipment and assist people who have difficulty getting around. We help people escape bombed-out towns, and provide money so they can get by. We send ambulances, food and water. We rented apartments in Lviv to provide people with shelter on the way to the border. We even run a kindergarten on the border."

Inspired by the Jewish philosopher and educator Martin Buber, Beit Berl's Martin Buber Center for Dialogue Education, in cooperation with alumni from Israel's Dror Israel, HaMahanot HaOlim, HaShomer HaTzair and Al Ajial youth movements – integrate hands-on experience in a program for the community, within the community, using community learning.

You can help support these efforts directly through the following links: Hashomer Hatzair | Dror Israel | Tarbut

Head of Beit Berl's Art Therapy Department, Dr. Ofira Honig, took part in the weeklong conference of the European Consortium for Arts Therapies Education (ECArTE), a consortium of 34-member universities from 15 European countries of which Beit Berl College is the only Israeli institution. Among the agenda items of the conference - coordinating psychological assistance for Ukrainian refugees on the Polish-Ukrainian border.

As a result, ECArTE members adopted a model created by Beit Berl's Ofira Honig, Rinat Feldman and Shahar Gindi which trains non-professional volunteers for therapeutic work through art; the model will now serve as the infrastructure for volunteer therapy work in Poland. In addition, Beit Berl's Art Therapy lecturers are providing guidance and support to volunteers in Poland and Ukraine. And, in collaboration with Poland and the Netherlands, Beit Berl Art Therapy department is organizing the opening of a safe studio space for art therapy for refugees in Poland, the Netherlands and Germany.  The College is also working to establish a safe studio space for refugees in Jerusalem.

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