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HaMidrasha Hosts Bitter/Sweet Summer Film Program for Arab and Jewish High School Students

For the second consecutive year, the Film Department is hosting, Bitter/Sweet, an intensive two-week film program for Arab and Jewish high school pupils from the Sharon and Triangle regions. This year, the summer program has 16 participants from Baka al Gharbiya, Jaljuliya, Kfar Saba, Netanya and Ramat HaSharon who together, will conceptualize, draft, perform, film and edit five short films that explore issues of identity, place, self and the “other” –  in other words, the ‘bittersweet’ times of a teenager. 

Participants learn the basic techniques of filmmaking (scriptwriting, filming, directing, editing), participating in theater and improvisation games, discussing questions of identity with psychologists, writers, artists, and gaining familiarity with artistic expressions of identity by viewing films and touring museums. Every participant writes and presents a film concept that explores his/her identity; ultimately, the group selects five concepts for production. The participants are broken into four mixed teams that work with Jewish and Arab mentors - students and graduates of the Film Department – in producing their short films, including crew in filming on location in Jewish and Arab communities. The project concludes with a session for the pupils to reflect upon the process, relationships developed, and what they have learned and experienced. The five short films will be screened at the project’s end in a festive event at HaMidrasha in the presence of families and friends. 

This summer’s program is based on last year’s pilot, which brought together 12 Jewish and Arab 16 and 17-yearolds who learned filmmaking and produced short films that explored and expressed their feelings and identities. View a brief video clip from last year’s pilot here​.

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