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HaMidrasha Opens First Preparatory Film Program for Arab Students

​​​HaMidrasha’s Film Department opened the first-ever preparatory film program for Arab students on July 23. The 10-week program is training four exceptional young men and women from Jat, Kfar Bara, and the Golan Heights – in film studies, with 2-weeks dedicated to learning Hebrew and English. Upon completion, the students will be eligible to take the entrance exam to HaMidrasha’s film department; if successful, these incoming students will bring the number of Arab students in the department to 50%. 

Today, only a handful of Arab students study at the ten existing film schools in Israel, in part because none of  the150 Israeli high schools that have a matriculation track in film and cinema studies are offered in an Arab high school. This program, as well as number of Arab students in the department, does not exist at any other college. The pr​ogram is currently recruiting a second cohort to begin with the 2018-19 academic year.


The preparatory film program is based on the success of the HaMidrasha’s  preparatory arts program for Arab high school graduates.  Today, nearly 30% of HaMidrasha’s undergraduate students are Arab. Beit Berl College's Film Department was the first in Israel to be certified to grant a Bachelor of Education in Fine Arts (B.Ed.F.A.) in Film Studies. Students in this academic track receive a comprehensive education in filmmaking, film theory and pedagogic studies, as well as hands-on training, preparing them well for teaching film studies and working in film. 

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