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Masters of Teaching in Mathematics and Science Showcases Research with Partners in Industry

​​​Aviva Mishael, Director General of the Ta’asiyoda AssociationAs its first year came to a close, the Masters of Teaching (M.Teach) 
program in Mathematics and the Sciences held a one-day seminar on June 24 to showcase its research with its partners in the industry. The program’s students, lecturers, pedagogical supervisors and partners in the industry participated in critical lectures and panel discussions addressing issues such as community integration in scientific research and the student as the means or goal of a developing economy. Students presented their research projects from this past year with lectures and posters, sharing their research’s aim, their role in the research, and how it can be applied to school pupils. 

Aviva Mishael, Director General of the Ta’asiyoda Association

In addition to their academic curriculum and laboratory work, our M.Teach students take part in inquiry in industry, exposing these future teachers to the real work of scientists in order to encourage interest in the sciences by their future pupils. Over a dozen representatives from the industry participated in the first annual seminar, including representatives from Adama, Israeli Manufacturers' Association, Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Triangle Research and Development Center, and Ta'asiyoda - Industry for Advanced Education. The feedback from the research and inquiry in industry has been overwhelmingly positive by the students and industry partners alike. One year into the M.Teach programs, our students are already being sought after in the education system.

Beit Berl College developed the M.Teach in Mathematics and the Sciences programs​ to address the dire need for excellent teachers with discipline-specific academic education and systematic and professional STEM-oriented training to serve as future science, technology and mathematics teachers and educators. The two-year program trains highly qualified Arab and Jewish college graduates in mathematics, biology and chemistry, with plans to expand to physics, environmental and computer science in the coming years. Graduates receive a Master's degree, teaching accreditation and license, qualifying them to begin teaching mathematics or science in high schools at the five-unit matriculation track (equivalent to Advanced Placement courses in the U.S.) immediately upon graduation. Within five years, Beit Berl College will educate, train and certify over a hundred new, highly-qualified math and science teachers to teach the specific disciplines at the five-point matriculation level in both the Jewish and Arab public school systems throughout the country, addressing the shortage of quality teachers that exists, helping to close achievement gaps among lower socio-economic populations, and beginning to reverse the declining interest by pupils – especially girls – in mathematics and the sciences. The M.Teach in Mathematics and the Science programs do not exist in any other academic institution in Israel.

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