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Beit Berl President Speaks About Shared Society at 18th Biennial WWCI World Conference on Education

Speaking at the World Council for Curriculum and Instruction’s 18th Biennial World Conference on Education, Beit Berl College President, Professor Tamar Ariav, spoke about revising teacher education curriculum towards a shared society before the audience of global educators. The international conference, sponsored by the United Nations Association of the U.S. and Alliant International University, addressed the role of education for global citizenship in promoting social, economic and environmental justice. In the panel on teacher education, Prof Ariav discussed revising teacher education curriculum to include courses advancing cooperation and equality, planned and taught together by Jewish and Arab faculty, including the contributions and difficulties in doing so. Her remarks were especially pertinent given the College’s active and leading Center advancing shared society. 

In 2015, Beit Berl College established The Center for the Advancement of Shared Society​ to change the way Israeli teachers see our society and teach our children. Within three years, the Center has become an integrated and central part of Beit Berl College and valuable resource off campus. Beit Berl College was among the first to pioneer such an initiative and is advancing shared society education swiftly and further than many others in this field. This can be attributed in part to the College’s make-up: 30% of the students and 25% of our faculty are Arab. Moreover, is the College’s approach: the directive of shared society at Beit Berl is under the direct purview of the President, embraced by the leadership, and embedded in both the College’s aims and values.  

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