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Cities Embrace Shared Education

Hod HaSharon and Tayibe became the first municipalities in Israel to sign a shared municipal education agreement, creating an educational partnership among the two cities. Already in the current school year, 22 schools – 11 from Hod Hasharon and 11 from
Tayibe – have paired up for Shared Education, which brings educators and pupils from the two communities – Arab and Jewish - together in teaching and learning. The Arab and Jewish school teachers and Beit Berl pre-service teachers together develop the curriculum – English, environmental studies, or mathematics - to be co-taught to the school pupils. The program was launched by the mayors of Hod HaSharon and Tayibe,  in cooperation with  supervisor and instructors from the Ministry of Education’s Central District. 

In addition, Shared Education is being carried out in over twenty Arab and Jewish schools throughout the Sharon and Triangle region by Beit Berl College and the Center for Educational Technology, who collaboratively launched the model in 2016 in 30 Jewish and Arab schools. To date, over 6,000 pupils and 600 educational leaders in 200 schools have worked and learned together. Shared Education has been shown to improve academic performance, in addition to breaking down stereotypes .

In 2021, the Jerusalem Department of Education officially adopted Shared Education model. Since the signing of the agreement between Hod HaSharon and Tayibe, other municipalities have voiced interest in institutionalizing this model, including Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

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