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Beit Berl Launches Israel’s Only Master’s Degree Program for Elementary School Teachers

Beit Berl’s successful Master’s in Teaching degree programs now include Elementary School Education to elevate the level of primary school teaching. 

This year, Beit Berl College added a new degree to its portfolio of Master’s in Teaching (M.Teach) programs – a Master’s in Teaching Elementary School. Fifteen students in the new M.Teach in Elementary School program dedicate one day a week to their academic studies, and one day to practice training in schools. The program prepares the students to be 21st century educators, with a strong emphasis on technology and innovative teaching methods as well as developing creativity and encouraging inclusion. 

This marks the fifth M.Teach program at Beit Berl College. Following the success of the general M.Teach program, which began in 2010, the College’s M.Teach programs in English, Mathematics and the Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, and Physics) were approved by the Council for Higher Education. Beit Berl is the only academic institution in Israel to offer the subject-specific M.Teach programs. There are currently 160 students enrolled in Beit Berl’s various two-year M.Teach tracks.

As is the case with the other M.Teach programs, many of the students in the Elementary School track came to Beit Berl later in life, after having decided to switch careers. Indeed, quite a few M.Teach students have backgrounds in high-tech, law and other professions, seeking to start a second career as educators. 

Graduates of the M.Teach programs receive a Master's degree, teaching certificate and teaching license – allowing them to work as fully accredited teachers immediately upon graduation. Israel’s Ministry of Education encourages teachers to hold Master’s degrees, and an advanced degree will soon be a requirement for all teachers.​​
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