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Dialogue Coaching Hub: From Idea to Implementation

The Dialogue Coaching Hub was among the select winners of Beit Berl College's Changemakers Accelerator.

The idea: to provide tools to teachers to create a safe and inclusive space in which to conduct dialogue on controversial issues in the classroom. In the current era of polarization and extremism, social discourse is characterized by a lack of listening and the elimination of the "other." The Hub will train students, teachers, faculty and educators in acquiring practical tools to promote respectful, egalitarian and democratic discourse in disputed situations.

Since winning the 2021 Accelerator, the idea has already taken off. The Hub began this year by training 20 students in the Honors Program and the Martin Buber Center for Dialogue Education, who will lead the Hub's activities (one of the organizing ideas of the center is the students will serve as its leadership). Already in the College's first semester, the Dialogue Coaching Hub has:

  • Trained 200 students in a seminar on addressing contentious issues in the classroom;
  • Trained coordinators in the ORT network in leading meetings of Arab and Jewish pupils;
  • Trained Arab and Jewish teachers in two schools in Acre;
  • Held a training course in conducting controversial class discussions for 60 teachers of Shelach and Yediat Ha'aretz, a division of the Social and Youth Administration in the Ministry of Education responsible for 700 teachers administering value-based educational curriculum;
  • Led a seminar for leaders of academic institutions of the Israeli Hope in Education;
  • Served as keynote speaker and lead round table in a seminar on controversial discourse for the teaching staff of the Safed Academic College; and
  • Begun training and simulation of students in the Honors Program of Seminar HaKibbutzim College by Beit Berl students, in collaboration with IDEA, the Center for Liberal Democracy.

Under the guidance of Dr. Rakefet Erlich-Ron and Dr. Shahar Gindi, the Dialogue Coaching Hub truly is comprised of "changemakers " – we anticipate much fruits of their labor!

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