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TEDx Israel: Beit Berl Leading Innovation in Education

On December 23, 2021 the Center for Innovation at Beit Berl College held the first-ever TEDx Israel in education before an audience of 300+ educators, policymakers, entrepreneurs and friends.

The nine talks were thought-provoking and inspiring, with speakers reflecting diverse backgrounds and professions: from Jonathan Doron's moving story about the power of one adult who believed in a lost child, to Naomi Guvrin-Schwartz's rationale  behind the national competition for technological solutions in the field of personalized social-emotional learning - the SEL Challenge; Beit Berl College President and former Israeli Minister of Education, Professor Yuli Tamir, challenging the efficacy of the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) exams, and 20-yearsold co-Founder of TecTum Seed Foundation, Noa Hilzenrat highlighting the questions not raised in school (and should be). Other speakers included: Yaakov Hecht, pioneer of democratic education; Alon Arvatz, founder of cyber security company Intsights; Lama Masarwa, Beit Berl graduate, English teacher and dreammaker; lifelong educator Prof. Yoram Harpaz; and Yoav Asa, the combat soldier who survived death and today trains youth for combat service.

The event shone a light on the significance innovation has to play in the field of education, highlighting the Center for Innovation at Beit Berl College as a thought-leader in educational innovation. Since the event the Center has received inquiries from EdTech entrepreneurs, prominent educators and inventors from all over Israel. Beit Berl College established the Center of Innovation in 2021 to incorporate resourceful and pioneering methods and technologies in the field of education to elevate the level of teaching, learning and ultimately academic achievement. The Center serves as a platform to create, experiment and develop new educational initiatives, sparking creativity among Beit Berl's faculty, students and all those with the ideas and motivation to change the way we think about and conduct education in Israel.

The TEDx talks will be available on the TEDx International platform by April, where they are expected to reach hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

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