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Hundreds of Beit Berl College students are in critical financial situations, and many are in danger of dropping out. If they do, the Israeli educational system, which is in dire need of teachers, will be hurt for years to come.

​Our goal is to assist our students so that no one drops out in this time of crisis.

When the economy was locked down, numerous students lost their jobs, while others could no longer rely on their family’s financial support. To help these students, Beit Berl swiftly established a special Emergency Fund, which has raised close to $90,000 to date. 

The Emergency Fund provided immediate assistance to thirty Beit Berl students to cover tuition, food, rent and other living expenses. We expect another wave of requests over the summer, as student employment remains depressed, and students are considering whether they can continue to afford their studies. The Emergency Fund aims to assure that no student drops out at this time because of financial need. 

Beit Berl College is offering a hand to students in additional ways.  The College granted over 100 requests to reschedule final tuition payments for the 2019-20 academic year, extending the payments without interest over a 5-6-month period.

In addition, Beit Berl reached an agreement with the Sachal Fund to pay the interest on tuition loans given to our students. So far, about 230 students have applied to Sachal and requests are currently being processed.

Finally, the College purchased and loaned out dozens of  laptops to students who had no access to a computer at home during this period of remote learning, enabling students to continue their studies this semester when all classes were taught online. This purchase was partially funded by The Council of Higher Education, which designated its support to Ethiopian-Israeli students.

Beit Berl is also actively seeking to identify students who are in danger of dropping out or suspending their studies in the coming 2020-21 academic year due to economic reasons. Every effort will be made to support these students and help them pursue their studies despite their financial hardships. The more sizeable the Emergency Fund, the more students will be able to receive financial support and continue studying at Beit Berl next year. 

Please consider a one-time emergency gift to help the neediest students weather this difficult time. Click here to give.

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