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Beit Berl Hosts 2nd National Science Olympics for Arab Pupils

On May 17th, Beit Berl College hosted the final competition of the National Science Olympics for 9th grade Arab-Israeli pupils. The three-stage science competition drew an outstanding 6,500 contestants from Arab schools throughout the country. The 25
question test was written and graded by Beit Berl College students in the science tracks. The top 10% moved onto the second stage of the competition,  from which 25 contestants made it to the third and final competition. 

The finals took place in an exciting and energetic day-long event on the Beit Berl campus with the participation of families, teachers and principals. The 25 semi-finalists took a supervised exam in the morning, with the top 10 scorers continuing onto the final challenge: a live analysis of a science experiment in front of a panel of six professors. The competition resulted in a tie for 1st place to two young pupils from Arraba and Tamra. 

Organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, and supported by the Azrieli Foundation, the competition seeks to motivate Arab pupils' excellence in these key fields and engage Arab schools to enrich their science curriculum and prime their top pupils to focus on the sciences (Arab schools often feel marginalized from nation-wide educational initiatives conducted in Hebrew). Developed by Beit Berl’s Dr. Ibrahim Amer, the competition generates great interest in the sciences among Arab Israeli young people, and builds their confidence to participate in the annual Israeli Science Olympics for 10th graders (held in Hebrew). It has also encouraged young Arab women to participate and excel. Four of last year's competition participants made it to this year's national chemistry competition.

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