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Harnessing High-Tech to Transform Distance Learning

Beit Berl College initiated a groundbreaking project in partnership with Microsoft Israel and the Rashim company.

​In line with President Yuli Tamir’s vision “to enable the College to be a leader in computerized learning, as befits the 21st century,” the venture aims to enhance distance learning.

When Covid-19 struck, much of the world suddenly switched to distance learning, mostly using the Zoom platform. Teachers flipped their teaching as well, but few were able to utilize the potential of the new situation, in part, because the online tools did not support them. Microsoft Israel’s Education Division and Rashim-Information Systems Ltd., part of Malam Team, are tapping into Beit Berl's expertise in innovative education in order to create a more effective work and study environment for teachers, students and Faculty of Education lecturers. Beit Berl’s pedagogic experts and IT staff are working with Microsoft and Rashim to define the needs of students and teachers – in schools as well as in academia.

The new platform will make it possible for groups of students to study together remotely and will include a task management feature. It will also enable reliable filmed supervision during exams. Furthermore, the teacher will be available to answer questions and provide instructions while students taking exams at home will download the exam, complete it and upload the answers.  
“We saw that academic institutions have an urgent need for a rich learning and sharing environment that not only enables video meetings like Zoom, but also a work environment more suitable to academia, where it is possible to carry out ongoing activities and share learning material, present assignments, conduct group projects, etc.,” elaborates Ron Harry, Rashim’s CEO and founder. 

The initial two-month pilot project is currently underway, linking Beit Berl’s Student Information System and the College’s management and administration software to Microsoft’s Team 365 platform. The pilot aims to offer students and lecturers greater ease and versatility than what is currently available today; and to facilitate a more effective application of technological tools in the virtual classroom. 

Prof. Yuli Tamir, President of Beit Berl College, said: “We chose to lead the way in the development of digital educational tools. The College views this as a strategic initiative. The current pilot project will test the system's capabilities as part of a long-term strategic process for improving technological resources and adapting computerized teaching and learning in higher education and, later, in the entire educational system.”

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