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The Nominees Are…

Four films by Beit Berl’s Film Department students, graduates and faculty were nominated for the prestigious 2020 Israeli Documentary Film Prize competition. The four films are:

“Family Portrait” (Student Competition category)
– Produced by five students in Beit Berl’s Film Department, and directed by students Jordan Sultana and Yuval Horowitz, the film follows a unique trio – a married couple with special needs and their caregiver – during their daily routine and on a family vacation. The three protagonists show how love and care overcome physical disability. (27 minutes)

“Tuning” (Under 60 Minutes category) – Written, directed and produced by Beit Berl lecturer Ilan Yagoda, the ‘hero’ of this film is a grand piano that stands at the heart of the Central Train Station in Tel Aviv. For some people, the piano is a regular stop on their commute, while others encounter it in this unexpected space for the first time. Many of those who stop and play the piano manage to transcend the external noise, reflecting in a different and challenging way the reality we live in. (54 minutes) 

“The Little Things” (First Film category) – This incisive documentary follows Yehuda, a religious youth, as he experiences a crisis of faith. He receives a camera from Michal, a Tel Aviv director, and starts documenting his life between the settlement of Tko’a and Tel Aviv, including his final conversations with his dying father, Rabbi Menachem Fruman. During the year of mourning, he continues to document his life outside the religious world: exploring Tel Aviv, talking to Michal, and his new perspective on his family and their way of life. Directed by Beit Berl graduate and lecturer Michal Aronzon. (70 minutes)

“Spotting Yossi” (Music category) – Thirteen years after his death, the great Yossi Banai comes to life for one final encore in this cinematic memoir. An actor, singer, writer and director, Banai represented the pure essence and contradictions of Israeli culture: an atheist from a religious family, a native that insisted on importing European motives and a consensual Israeli figure who wasn’t afraid to take a political stand. Beit Berl lecturer Jonathan Bar Giora wrote the music. (72 minutes)

The annual Israeli Documentary Film Prizes competition, organized by the Israeli Documentary Filmmakers Forum, is the premier venue for showcasing the best films of this genre produced in Israel every year. Good luck to the nominees representing Beit Berl!

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