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From Technology to Gender Issues: Graduating Art Students' Exhibition

Twenty-eight graduates of Beit Berl's HaMidrasha-Faculty of Arts created a dynamic exhibition of final projects,
representing media from the entire spectrum of contemporary art, including digital media, painting, sound, drawing, sculpture, photography, technology, performance and video art. The group exhibition, supported by the Philip and Muriel Berman Foundation, highlighted a range of social issues, from violence against women to national identity to use of technology in society. Many works wrestled with issues of gender and sexual identity in the context of the family unit, exploring the family and communal structures in fascinating ways that touch on censorship, hierarchy and relationships. 

The exhibition reflected HaMidrasha's emphasis on personal exploration, sensitivity and cultural freedom – linking people from diverse backgrounds who have a common interest in learning to teach and create art. 
Among this year’s highlights: A dozen stacks of deceptively colorful postcards by Moriah Deri, a young religious artist (and niece of government minister Aryeh Deri); one of the postcards is a portrait of her famous uncle. Another interesting project, by Suha Abu Backer, consisted of scenes of destruction using charcoal on wood. 

For seven decades, Beit Berl’s Faculty of Arts-HaMidrasha has been at the forefront of training Israel’s artists and educators in the fields of fine arts and film. The Faculty offers a range of undergraduate and graduate degrees, and is known for its outstanding, devoted faculty, many of whom were previously students at HaMidrasha themselves. HaMidrasha alumni pursue careers in the arts and in art education, and many hold key positions in Israel’s art world.
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