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Emergency Fund Helps Struggling Students During Pandemic

Thanks to Beit Berl’s Covid-19 Emergency Fund, dozens of students have received special scholarships enabling them to continue their studies.
Recipients of this fund are students who were at risk of dropping out due to severe financial pressure triggered by the current crisis. The Emergency Fund raised close to $100,000 from the generosity of donors in the U.S. and Israel. Here are the stories of Danielle, Iman and Hadas, three of the many grateful scholarship recipients.

Danielle is a 24 year-old student from Netanya. She is now entering her 3rd year in the B.Ed. program in the Special Education track. In March, she was furloughed from her job as a substitute teacher when all of Israel’s schools were closed as a result of the coronavirus. Since then, she has not been able to find work and her financial situation has severely deteriorated. “The financial support I received from the Emergency Fund allowed me to catch my breath during this difficult time,” she reports.

Iman, a 22 year-old from the Arab city of Tira, is entering her 4th and final year at Beit Berl College. She plans to be an English teacher. Iman’s father lost his job due to the pandemic and her parents are struggling to support her and her four siblings. Iman has worked hard throughout college to support herself but is finding it very difficult to keep her head above water. “This scholarship will help me pay off a good amount of my tuition and I am very appreciative, especially during this crisis,” she says.

Hadas is a 31 year-old from Haifa beginning her 2nd year in the Master’s in Art Therapy program. “My dream is to be an art therapist and last year I finally started my studies in this field. The program is very interesting, and I am learning a lot about myself and my environment,” she says. During her studies, Hadas is only able to work part-time, despite having to pay all her own expenses. She was fired from her job at the beginning of the Covid crisis; the only work she has been able to find since is in a restaurant where she is paid minimum wage. She became very anxious about her financial situation. “I was really moved by the amazing scholarship. It made me optimistic that things will work out.”

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