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Exposing and Being Exposed

Beit Berl College’s Faculty of Arts-HaMidrasha recently held its annual exhibition featuring works by graduating students.
For the 34 participating students, it is a culmination of their studies and an opportunity to show their talent: to expose and be exposed. This year's exhibition is impressive and eclectic, with works in a large variety of media, including drawing, sculpture, photography, performance art, video and sound. 

Curator Barak Ravitz points out some of the unusual works. Pieces by graduating student Avihai Avraham “look like they are from the 18th century, yet with a refreshing and contemporary twist,” he notes, adding that Avraham’s approach to art is unconventional in terms of both his techniques and his subjects. Hanin Saida's work is somewhat jarring, juxtaposing gentleness with elements of violence. Saida used charcoal to draw directly on the wall. “Even though her work will be erased, she drew delicately and meticulously,” notes Ravitz. 

Sharon Broyer's unusual sculptures include video art, as well as "surprising materials such as straw, Brillo and dolls. Her art combines themes of nature and ecology with sexuality and humor,” explains Ravitz. 

The Covid-19 lockdown period is visible in the exhibition. Even if most of the works do not directly deal with this subject, and appear to be ‘asymptomatic,’ the impact of the break in normal routines and the forced distancing simmers under the surface. Many of the exhibits highlight a turning inwards towards home or family. 

During the days of social distancing and online learning, HaMidrasha maintained its sense of community, and remained a significant meeting ground for art. The Zoom rectangles on the computer screen morphed into exhibition spaces and bustling arenas. This atmosphere can be felt in the student exhibition – individual spaces that come together into emotional meeting places.

Honoring sensitivity, attentiveness and cultural freedom that links people from different backgrounds and sectors of society, HaMidrasha is a home for everyone who shares a dream to create art. This is precisely what makes the annual exhibition so magical. 


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