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Going Global

Beit Berl College is launching two pioneering initiatives together with the Society for International Development (SID):
a new Global Citizenship program and a new B.A. track in Global Citizenship, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, both within the College’s Faculty of Society and Culture.

The goal of these two novel initiatives is to expose students to the needs of the developing world and enable them to explore their abilities to become agents of change in the global arena. Beit Berl students have always excelled in community involvement and the College now seeks to broaden the definition of ‘community’ to include the world outside of Israel. 

“Beit Berl students can be goodwill ambassadors and help bring change in the developing world,” explains Dr. Alon Levkowitz, Chair of Beit Berl’s Social Science and Civics Department, who heads the new Global Citizenship program. The curricula of all relevant courses in the Department will be adapted to incorporate subjects related to global issues as of the current 2020-21 academic year. As part of the Global Citizenship program, third-year honors students will participate in a Beit Berl delegation to a country in Africa or Asia, where they will spend two weeks on a specific tikkun olam project in fields such as agriculture, education or energy. The students will undergo intensive preparations prior to the trip, including a special research seminar. 

The new B.A. track in Global Citizenship, Entrepreneurship and Innovation will train students interested in international development projects, and will prepare them to take part in Israeli initiatives around the world dealing with international collaboration in fields such as water, agriculture, medicine, energy, infrastructure projects and more. “The coronavirus crisis proved that globalization is very much alive, and we saw an opportunity to teach this subject at Beit Berl,” says Dr. Avi Bitzur, who heads the new track. Although the classes will be taught at Beit Berl, students will also receive a B.A. from the Open University. The track will be launched in the second semester of the upcoming academic year.

SID-Israel is the Israeli branch of the Society for International Development (SID), a global forum dealing with sustainable economic and social development. SID-Israel aims to galvanize Israeli society in the field of international development and foreign aid and acts to create an enabling environment for individuals, organizations, and government agencies in Israel in the field of international development and aid work. SID-Israel selected Beit Berl College as a partner in this initiative in line with this agenda.

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