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Beit Berl Opens Israel's First Faculty for Counseling, Treatment and Educational Support

In an era where we face more uncertainty, greater upheaval and mounting challenges, educators, counselors and social workers have the unique opportunity to create an emotional-educational environment which supports pupils and youth and builds their emotional and social resilience. As part of the revolution for change in education that Beit Berl is leading, this academic year the College is launching the Faculty for Counseling, Treatment and Educational Support.

The first of its kind in Israel, the new Faculty stipulates a unique, holistic approach to educational counseling that bridges the divided systems responsible for the education and welfare of today's youth, as well as  educators, counselors and parents. Educational counselors and professionals are challenged by unprecedented and complex circumstances that cross disciplines: from violence against children to learning disabilities; from autism to eating disorders; including complex gender identification and role modeling and more. Accurate and timely assessment, diagnosis and coordination across multiple social systems are critical for effective intervention.

Through five master degree programs - M.Ed. in Management & Training of Youth Advancement & Youth at Risk; M.Ed. in Educational Counseling; M.Ed. in Assessment & Intervention of Learning Disabilities; M.A in Art Therapy in Visual Arts; M.A.A.T in Visual Arts for Experienced Therapists – the new faculty will train a cadre of professionals equipped with the ability to identify, diagnose and facilitate effective intervention. Training our students to serve as integrative practitioners in schools, education departments, boarding schools, trauma centers, welfare units, and more, will provide the essential connection across separated systems to effectively diagnose and address the educational and emotional needs of youth across the country.

"Professional intervention for the individual and for those around them in formal and informal educational settings at an early stage is critical, and prevents worsening – even eliminates - the need for prolonged treatment in later stages," shared Dr. Hana Himi, Dean of the new Faculty, Head of the master's degree program for Youth Advancement, Gender Equality Officer and Supervisor for the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Beit Berl College, as well as a psychotherapist, criminologist, social worker and Director of the Clinical Unit in NATAL, Israel's Trauma and Resiliency Center. "That is precisely why it is essential we train professionals with a spatial vision of the individual in his/her environment, the ability to correctly diagnose, and a holistic understanding across multiple systems."

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