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Beit Berl Launches IN2IT International Distance Learning Courses

​This semester, as partner in the Internationalization by Innovative Technology project, or IN2IT, Beit Berl College launched four trailblazing, online, distance learning courses. Developed in English by international teams from the 14 partnered academic institutions, upwards of 450 Israeli and European students took part in the Global Entrepreneurship, Embracing Diversity and Essential Soft Skills, courses, with the fourth course, English in Internationalization, to be offered next semester.

Beit Berl developed the Global Entrepreneurship course, where 150 students learned the basics of the entrepreneurial process in an international context; participated in virtual international teams; developed innovative ideas for improving living in cities of the future; participated in an international, online hack-a-thon; and pitched deliverable products before academics and practitioners from industry.

Dr. Osnat Dagan speaking at IN2IT conference

Beit Berl and the IN2IT team developed four modules for the Embracing Diversity course: gender and sexual orientation, multiculturalism, disabilities and accessibility, and physical appearances. Based on these modules, 150 students explored facets of diversity in their environment and shared their unique experiences with students near and far. The course culminated in a final project where students utilized location-based learning with a focus on diversity in a real world. Via “DiverCityWalks,” students mapped out sites of various cultural significance for guided city tours via an app for smartphones.

Close to 150 Israeli and European students studied and executed group projects in the Essential Soft Skills course. The course selected five of the top 20 soft skills, and developed modules in Leadership, Teamwork, Reflective Thinking, Creative Thinking and Problem Solving. Soft skills are considered exceptionally important in today’s educational frameworks as they have been identified as central to the success and employment of the next generation. Students who took part in this course gained a competitive edge in tomorrow’s job market through the development of these essential skills.

The role of Higher Education Institutions as providers of global citizenship competencies has increased in the current globalized era. Internationalization in Higher Education Institutions contributes to the development of students' skills and employability in the 21st century. The IN2IT project is a three-year project (2015-2018) developed and executed by 14 partners from Israel and the EU to develop and implement an innovative technological infrastructure for the purpose of advancing internationalization in higher education thereby expanding the practical applications of internationalization in Israeli academic colleges; strengthening the capacities for teaching, learning, research, and training; and improving the quality and positioning of Israeli state-funded academic colleges in higher education. The collaboration of Israeli colleges, which have strong entrepreneurial and technological capabilities, with EU universities, which have solid substantial international experience, creates a unique opportunity for the development and implementation of an advanced, state-of-the-art, sustainable technological platform for internationalization in higher education that will create a competitive advantage for colleges in Israel.

Now in its third and final year, the project has proven both replicable and sustainable: Beit Berl has already received countless requests by academic institutions in Israel to reproduce the coursework, and the College will offer the IN2IT courses developed in the coming academic year to all Beit Berl students.

Beit Berl is hosting the National IN2IT Conference and Workshops on Global Academic Partnerships May 8th and 9th. For more information and to register for the conference.

Watch this video to learn more about IN2IT, the Internationalization by Innovative Technology project.

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