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Center for Shared Society Hosts the Israeli President’s National Forum for Shared Society

Beit Berl’s Center for the Advancement of Shared Society hosted the National Forum of Shared Society for a one-day seminar, February 4th. As members of President Rivlin’s Israeli Hope for Academia initiative, the Center hosted representatives from the 30 member academic institutions, President Rivlin’s team, as well as two representatives from the Council for Higher Education who took part to observe the discussions and activities. The seminar opened with remarks by Beit Berl Executive Director, Col. (Res.) Nir Hacohen, who expressed the College’s commitment to advance shared society. This commitment, and the active and principal role of the College’s leadership, inspired every single participant, all of whom know first-hand the challenges in enrolling institutional leadership in furthering shared society. Dr. Merav Nakar-Sadi, Beit Berl Lecturer on the Sociology of Israeli Society, presented on the challenges that exist to the advancement of shared society, and the disparity between shared society and multi-culturalism, before participants broke up into working workshops.

Beit Berl College established The Center for the Advancement of Shared Society to change the way Israeli teachers see our society and teach our children. The Center utilizes the diversity on the Beit Berl campus as a resource to change the lives and perspectives of our students so they in turn bring about change in thousands of classrooms throughout the country. Combining academic coursework with the on-campus experience, we help our students see and experience Israel as a shared society and bring this understanding to the pupils they teach. Developing new knowledge and experience in pre-service teacher training and the creation of a genuinely shared multi-cultural campus, we intend to replicate and scale up our cross-cultural competencies with other academic institutions in Israel and abroad. Read more about the Center in Haaretz.

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