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TARASA Wins 3rd Place at Start-Up Accelerator Competition

​TARASA, the unique web platform for preserving and sharing memories on a global digital map, won 3rd place in the StartOno Accelerator competition. Of the 55 projects submitted, only seven were selected to take part and compete in the program, including TARASA.

The intense, accelerator program was comprised of lectures, workshops, and one-on-one sessions with industry mentors to examine the start-up, adapt it to the market, build initial business and financial plans, learn how to market and advertise, and prepare presentations to potential investors - business or social. The four-month program culminated in presentations by all seven projects before an audience and panel of judges from the business sector, where TARASA took third place and was awarded the honor of ‘Audience's Favorite’.

Maayan Ragonis presenting TARASA at the StartOno competition.

Participation in the accelerator program exposed the TARASA staff to a new realm of content and clearer understanding of the unique, value-add of the project, and provided them with an invaluable opportunity to learn entrepreneurial methods and ways of thinking from the best in the world, all of which has already helped in promoting the project. Participation also expanded awareness of TARASA among a wider audience, including potential funders.

Time Tunnel’s Guy Barak and Maayan Ragonis receiving 3rd
place and “Audience’s Favorite” Award.

TARASA is part of Beit Berl College’s oral history project, Time Tunnel, which trains Arab and Jewish pre-service teachers in the methodology of narrative history collection who, in turn, bring this methodology to, and bridge, hundreds of Arab and Jewish high school, middle school and elementary school pupils. The underlying principles of TARASA are that memories create a community and social digital frameworks that bring together the memories of various communities can lead to curiosity, equitable reference and mutual respect. TARASA creates a free space, in particular, for the memories and voices of excluded social sectors that have not been fully represented in the dominant collective memories.

Learn more about TARASA and to upload memories here.
Read about the Time Tunnel project in Haaretz here.

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