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Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg Named Beit Berl College Honorary Fellow

Beit Berl awarded Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg with the College’s Honorary Fellow at a moving ceremony, January 24th. As an institute that strives for, and applauds innovation, merit and commitment to society, Beit Berl established the award in 2011 as a means to recognize excellence by leaders in the field. Prof. Trajtenberg was selected as this year’s Honorary Fellow for his trailblazing research on the impact of technological innovation on economic development, his efforts to instill a socio-economic policy based on social justice, and his work for the integration of the Arab and Haredi communities in academia. The College also recognized Prof. Trajtenberg for his contributions towards the advancement and transfer of the College from the purview of the Ministry of Education to the Council of Higher Education.

Prof. Trajtenberg was visibly touched to receive the award, and by the praise of colleagues Rabbi Shai Piron and College President, Prof. Tamar Ariav. In his remarks, Prof. Trajtenberg shared: “We are living in a time of moral depletion. One of the most important actors in this fight is the education system. What happens here at Beit Berl College will impact the moral character of the State.”

Photographed (L to R): Prof. Tamar Ariav, Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg, Prof. Aaron Seidenberg, Prof. Izhak Grinberg

Prof. Trajtenberg is well known for having headed and implemented a government reform which today provides free and universal education for children from three years of age. Prof Trajtenberg continues to work to advance early childhood education in Israel, leading a wide scale effort to design comprehensive policies for early childhood (0-6 years old), establishing a one-stop-shop early childhood centers, and promoting research in this field.

Prof. Trajtenberg is a Professor of Economics at Tel Aviv University. He previously served as Member of Knesset for the Zionist Union (2015-2017); Chairman of the Planning and Budgeting Committee of the Council of Higher Education (2009- 2014); and was the first Head of the National Economic Council in the Prime Minister Office (2006-2009). Prof. Trajtenberg is a Research Associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and of The Centre for Economic Policy Research in London; he held visiting positions at Harvard University and Stanford University; and was a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Advanced Research. Prof. Trajtenberg received a Bachelor degree in Economics and Master degree in Economics and Sociology both from the Hebrew University, and a Ph.D. from Harvard University for his work, "Economic Analysis of Product Innovation: The Case of CT Scanners."

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