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Dr. Vered Saydon Illuminates Semantic Shift at International Biblical Hebrew Conference

​Dr. Vered Saydon presented at the international conference of The Academy of the Hebrew Language, the world’s premiere institution for the Hebrew language, in Jerusalem January 28-31. The three-day conference, “Biblical Hebrew: Advances in Grammar and Lexicology”, hosted renown linguists from Israel and abroad, including: Professor Jan Joosten of the University of Oxford; Professor Geoffrey Khan of Cambridge University; Israel Prize Laureate Professor Elisha Qimron of Ben-Gurion University; and other leading experts in Biblical Hebrew, Samaritan Hebrew and the Hebrew of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Prof. Randall Garr, Dr. Vered Saydon, Itai Kagan and Prof. Moshe
Florentin, January 29, 2018, by The Academy of the Hebrew Language.

In her presentation, Dr. Saydon discussed the semantic linkage between binding and thinking among Biblical verbs of perception and cognition. The assumed metaphorical development she presented - the semantic shift from tying to thinking and understanding - is supported by mental verbs in other ancient languages including Arabic, Aramaic and Latin, and is evidenced in modern Hebrew as well.

Dr. Vered Saydon receiving the award May 29, 2017, by The Academy
of the Hebrew Language. Photograph by Avi Dudu.

Dr. Vered Saydon is the recipient of the prestigious national prize awarded by The Academy of the Hebrew Language in memory of Ze`ev Ben-Haim for her research on the historical linguistic changes which took place in the Hebrew mental domain since the Biblical period to the Modern age. Her innovative work traces the changes in the meanings and structures of several main cognitive verbs throughout the history of the Hebrew language, while identifying regularities in their paths of semantic change and their underlying reasons. Dr. Saydon is the Head of the Department of Hebrew Language at Beit Berl College, researcher of Ancient and Modern Hebrew syntax and semantics, and lecturer at Tel Aviv University. She holds a Ph.D. in Hebrew Linguistics from Tel Aviv University.

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