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“We Are Here” - HaMidrasha Students and Graduates Take Part in Stimulating Exhibit

HaMidrasha students and graduates were an integral part of Ehna Hein, “We Are Here”, a collective exhibit for Israeli Arab artists on display at the Tishreen Center in Taybe. Artists in the Triangle region have been working independently of each other, lacking a home and public platform, and experiencing little recognition and acknowledgement. ‘We Are Here’ seeks to remedy this, uniting these previously atomized and marginalized artists into a collective and powerful whole by centralizing and channeling local talent and creating synergy between artists and the public. The exhibit provides a forum for artistic and cultural expression that is unapologetic and confident.

HaMidrasha students and graduates starred in the exhibit, with seven of the 12 artists on display studying, or having completed their studies, at HaMidrasha. From arts and film preparatory programs for Arab students, and introductory arts workshops for Arab pupils, to the development of arts and arts education infrastructure in Arab society, Beit Berl’s Faculty of Arts-HaMidrasha has been working extensively with the surrounding Arab communities for the past seven years to raise awareness and exposure to the arts and arts education.

Photographs by Thekra Makalde

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