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#itsharrassingme: HaMidrasha’s Art Therapy Seminar Addresses Sexual Assault

It’s Harassing Me was the subject of HaMidrasha’s Art Therapy seminar this year. One-hundred and twenty men and women filled HaMidrasha Gallery in Tel Aviv to discuss the issue of sexual assault and its personal and social implications. Head of HaMidrasha’s Art Therapy Department, Dr. Ofira Honig, set the topic within the professional context - the ethical responsibility of teachers, therapists and mentors - as well as within the current societal realm, addressing the #metoo campaign and the #Itoo that ensued.

Among the speakers was Dr. Effie Ziv - Lecturer of Gender Studies at Tel Aviv University, psychotherapist, and graduate of HaMidrasha - who spoke about the patriarchic culture that allows trauma such as rape to be silenced, historically and today. Aya Feldman - Lecturer in the MA program in Visual Art Therapy at HaMidrasha and at the Winnicott Center as well an art therapist - discussed the varied expressions of trauma in the works of artists and patients. She showed the correlation between the body of work and the victim's body in order to understand symbolically the symptom of the trauma; she also demonstrated how the art materials served the trauma. Yael Sherer - an activist, author and Director of "Dirty Laundry", a film that deals with her personal trauma as an incest victim - shared her personal trauma. She described her feelings as a child who did not understand social laws, and her journey documenting her struggle with her father in the courts – referring to the moment of her father’s admission as the moment she realized she is the only authority to say, "Truth you spoke."

HaMidrasha’s Art Therapy Department is rooted in the belief that, while we make art, we organize our thoughts, sensations and fears, to provide us with strength to grow. In this spirit, we train our future art therapist students: to observe, accept and understand the materials, the art and the artist.

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