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Beit Berl and Beit Eckstein Celebrate 3rd Year of Collaboration

​On June 14, Beit Berl English Department staff and students celebrated their third successful year of collaboration with the staff and pupils of Beit Eckstein. Beit Berl students in the English Department learn an array of tools to assess learning difficulties in the acquisition of English as well as different intervention techniques for teaching English to students with special needs. In this partnership, pupils with learning disabilities from Beit Eckstein come to the college once a week throughout the semester to participate in individual English lessons tailored to their personal needs.

The joyous end-of-year ceremony celebrates the accomplishments of the pupils, students and staff. This year, a 7th grade pupil from Beit Eckstein and his Beit Berl student teacher announced that a web application the pupil developed in Hebrew would be developed in English as a result of the skills and confidence the pupil had gained in his sessions with his Beit Berl student teacher.


This cooperation, now in its third year, is the result of an ongoing relationship between Beit Berl’s English department, its graduates (the staff of Beit Eckstein’s English Department is comprised of Beit Berl graduates), and Beit Eckstein, Israel’s largest organization providing person-centric services for people with disabilities. This partnership demonstrates a win-win-win for all participants: Beit Eckstein pupils benefit from personalized attention and tutoring in English; Beit Berl students get hands on supervision while gaining experience in teaching pupils with special needs; and the English staffs of Beit Eckstein and Beit Berl continue to learn, develop and work together in providing teachers with the tools to teach English to learners with special needs. It is also testimony to the commitment of Beit Berl’s English Department to train teachers to work and teach English with students of all ability levels and emotional and linguistic needs. The collaborative project with Beit Eckstein is set to continue next year with a new class of pupils.

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