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HaMidrasha Hosts 2-Day Geekcon-Art Hackathon

HaMidrasha-Faculty of Arts hosted Geekcon-Art​ a 36-hour event for artists, hackers, makers, geeks and tinkerers interested in combining concept and action in using art and technology. On May 11 and 12, 50 art students and lecturers worked together with 50 “techies” from the fields of software, robotics, and electronics, on projects using 3D printers, projectors, sensors, computers, software and more to create and simulate images. It was a win-win art-tech-athon: for the students, accustomed to working solo, they were exposed to working in groups with advanced technologies, opening up for them new possibilities of thinking and experimenting with ideas and work; the “techies” were challenged by the artists’ ideas, which question the nature of an image and object in the real and virtual space. 

The winning project, developed by artists and software developers, synchronized projectors so that images moved from one projector to the other in response to the body heat of the viewers approaching the screen – a “play catch” as viewers chased images from screen to screen. The second project constructed smoke sculptures by synchronizing projectors, whereby a video and smoke machine created a three-dimensional and dynamic sculpture. The third project created visualizations of poetry using a technology to generate original visual images for text. This may be the first-known tool to create original visualization of written and spoken poetry and bridge between textual and visual poetry. 



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