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Beit Berl Launches Israel’s Only Master of Teaching in Primary School Education

Beit Berl College is launching the first Master of Teaching in Primary School Education in Israel, an innovative program rooted in ‘thinking-based learning,’ humanistic philosophy, and teaching 21st century skills. Thinking-based learning, an approach under development, teaches pupils how to think – to critique, to question, to form their own ideas. The program incorporates the humanistic approach - addressing the student as an individual, in difference and not in uniformity, central to quality education - will train teachers and educators to work with variance with an understanding and appreciation of its unique qualities. Coupled with teaching 21st century skills – from critical and creative thinking, to teaching how to work in groups and how to visualize curriculum, as well as evaluating sources of information and more – this program will elevate the level of primary school teachers to equip pupils at a young age with the most essential skills for learning.​

The two-year program is designed for Jewish and Arab students who have a bachelor degree and a high level of interest in teaching at the primary school level. The first year is comprised of academic studies and practice teaching, connecting theoretical studies with actual teaching experience. Working closely and extensively with the primary schools, students in this program will be able to teach in schools beginning already their second year. The program, to launch this coming academic year, will host 20 students, with the aim to grow to 50 students each year. The M.Teach programs are a cornerstone of Beit Berl College’s ongoing initiative to elevate the teaching profession.

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